Why see an orthodontist near me?

At Davis & Goldberg Orthodontics, we are proud to provide top-notch orthodontic treatment in the Greensboro and High Point areas. As everything is slowly becoming more and more digital or virtual, we would like to take a moment to tell you about why you should see an orthodontist near you like Davis & Goldberg Orthodontics.

Helping Our Community Beyond Healthy Smiles!

We became orthodontists and orthodontist staff members because we know that a healthy smile transforms a person’s life by improving their physical and mental well-being. But our love of assisting others does not stop at our patients! 

We take pride in donating our services and time to many organizations in our area. Our van shuttle not only transports you and your child to and from your appointments but also makes deliveries to families in need with Feeding Lisa’s Kids nonprofit! We also participate in Run 5 Feed 5’s various events throughout the year to help raise money and donate resources to Ronald McDonald House Charities and Miracle League! Every visit to our office allows us to continuously support these other amazing groups, such as Backpack Beginnings, Girl Scouts, GoFar, Sunrise Foundation, West End Ministries, United Way, and more! There is nothing better than the feeling of knowing you have made a positive impact in your community.

Multiple Orthodontic Treatment Options for Patients of All Ages!

Any kind of medical treatment can be intimidating for patients of any age. We strive to create a welcoming environment so that we may have an informative and educational space. Our office provides care for first-time or retreatment adult patients, teens, and children as young as seven years of age! Among those treatment options are:

  • Metal braces: Known for their durability and potential to treat even the most complex of issues, metal braces have earned their admired reputation. They use metal brackets, wires, and elastics, known as ligatures, to align the teeth. There are many “attachments” for braces, like orthodontic bands, spacers, and elastics, but they’re not necessary for every case.
  • Ceramic braces: Also known as clear braces, these are very similar to metal braces, with one big difference – they use a ceramic blend of materials to create their brackets instead of using metal brackets. The tooth-colored material creates the illusion of clear braces. Patients can further this subtle aesthetic with matching ligatures or opt for colorful bands for a neon-like appearance.
  • Invisalign: Clear aligners have become an increasingly popular option for orthodontic treatment among teens and adults. We offer our patients clear aligners through Invisalign and Invisalign for Teens. These are removable, transparent trays that straighten the teeth over time by applying pressure, similar to braces but not the same. These offer the most discreet appearance, and most people won’t even know you are wearing them!
  • AcceleDent Aura: Many patients are discouraged from starting orthodontic treatment because of the time commitment and the discomfort, but we are excited to tell you that the AcceleDent Aura device can speed treatment along and decrease pain. The hands-free, wireless device uses gentle pulses to ease irritation and help accelerate your teeth’s movement. The vibrations are gentle enough for patients of every age to experience its benefits.

More Treatment Options and Orthodontic Knowledge Than a Dentist.

Orthodontists are dentists who specialize solely in orthodontic treatment. While some dentists offer orthodontic treatment, an orthodontist can obtain a more in-depth look at your teeth, gums, and jaw with our advanced equipment and trained eyes. To become an orthodontist, they receive a few extra years of training after dental school. Therefore, they have more experience in providing higher-quality care to treat your and your child’s orthodontic needs with a broader range of treatment options. Our only professional priority is to help you safely align your teeth and jaw to achieve a happy, healthy smile.

This is not to discourage you from seeing your dentist! If you feel comfortable visiting your dentist for your orthodontic needs, we encourage you to do what you think is best! Dentists are great oral healthcare providers, and you should see one regularly. Dentists and orthodontists just provide different oral healthcare services, and you should consider seeing an orthodontist for your orthodontic needs before making your final decision.

Why see an orthodontist near me?

Want to Learn More About Us and the Options Available for You?

Are you ready to learn more about the ins and outs of orthodontic treatment? Excited to see what else our office has to offer and how it may benefit you? We at Davis & Goldberg Orthodontics are thrilled to share it with you!

Quality information is the first step to feeling confident during your treatment and obtaining the smile of your dreams. Schedule a free consultation at one of our convenient locations to get more personalized information and begin your orthodontic journey! Our knowledgeable staff will take all the time you need to ensure we answer all your questions!

We look forward to meeting you and your family!